March 26, 2011
Today we have collected in the collection tins and also done bag packing in B&M belle vale, a very successfull day,
Bag packing raised £414, 
Collection tins;  B&M £96.62, Opticians £22.41,  Hairdressers £59 

And a VERY kind lady donated £180, so very very grateful to her, what a wonderful generous lady.

So a big thank you to everyone that has helped us on our journey, for all your support, help and donations.
We couldnt of done it without you all

6 weeks to go!!!

March 13, 2011

Hi Everyone, Thanks for all your continued support, with 6 weeks to go till we fly out to China its a very busy time! Our flights are booked, we have our Visa's, and we have still got a cake sale and another bag packing in B & M's Belle vale before we go, We have £2000 left to raise so your continued support and donations are so very important to us!

We are currently trying to set up the blog for while we are in China to keep you all updated on progress, but we will try and keep the website ...

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The FINAL countdown!!!!

February 20, 2011
Hi Everyone, So we are down to our FINAL countdown, we have 9 weeks left til we go to China and still have £3000 left to raise!! So any idea's, help and donations are all welcomed and we are very grateful for all of your continued support.

Our latest fundraisers have done really well, Bag packing in B & m's we raised over £600, The market stall in Widnes raised £140, and the Bag Packing in Asda raised over £750!! So a massive thank you to all who came along to help at the events and to all...
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Quick update for everyone...

January 19, 2011
Hi Everyone, so quick update for you all, Im doing really well, I go to nursery to mornings a week now and have a 1 to 1 assistant to help me learn my way around and introduce me to other children. Im a proper little chatterbox now. Also fundraising is doing so well that mummy has just booked my next treatment in China!! We are going to arrive in China 1st May 2011, BUT we are STILL £5000 short. So we really need your help to get the money in in time!!

We have arranged 2 bag packing events, s...
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Update on previous events

October 30, 2010
The benefit night in wooton villiage, raised over £1000, so thanks to all those that attended and to Jimmy and his wife for organising such a successful event!!

10k run in sefton park; We are still awaiting sponsor money to give you all a total of howmuch was raised, But Just want to thank everyone that run, and all of you that sponsored the runners, thank you very much

Liverpool womans cake sale; WE raised over £600, so very successful, thanks to everyone who helped bake the yummy cakes and...
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August 28, 2010
The Zumbathon today was a big success, we raised £426 and have still got money from donations coming in!! A massive thank you to Charleyne and Mandy Dennon, and also Jenny mason for their instructor skills!! Wow you guys have so much energy!! Thank you to every one that came along and showed your support, and keep your eyes open for more events coming soon, Thanks again everyone x 
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My Update

November 29, 2009
I must appolagise for not updating you all sooner but have been so tired and re ajusting to life back at home, it has just been really hectic couple of weeks as im sure you can imagine. As you all probably know from reading my china blog i arrived home from China on october 13th and i now have light perception! Im more confident and the doctors in China are very optimistic that my sight will improve over the next 9 months. I just want to thank everyone for your support and help in making all ...
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Bag Packing Sainsbury's

August 15, 2009
Today Mummy, Family and friends went bag packing in sainsburys rice lane liverpool, we raised £437 so a massive thankyou to everyone that has made this possible.
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Thank you Gareth ste and andy

August 10, 2009
A massive thank you yo Gareth Ste and Andy for organising the golfing and A lovely evening of entertainment, with live music a raffle and auction, My family and i can not thank you enough really really appreciate all your help and support, So THANKS again. 
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Big Thankyou

August 7, 2009
A massive thankyou to everyone who has helped us on our journey to china, Dylans treatment is now booked for september 3rd, To check out his progress visit,
We will be updating his progress daily, Again we can not thank you enough.
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