UPDATE: October 2011

Hi everyone just a quick update, Dylan is now 3!! He has been given a place in a school nursery now, so is starting the transition between his current 5 mornings at a sure start nursery to his new school nursey. Dylan is also begginning to use a hoople, (early stages of cane work.) He is doing very well in all areas of his development, Loves being outside and is always happy and content. No current improvements in his vision. A massive thank you to everyone who continues to support and follow Dylan's development. We truly appreciate everything you all do.

Dylan's China Blog, please follow his journey here: http://stemcellschina.com/blog/dylan/




Some of you may already know Dylan and have followed his progress, others may be hearing of Dylan for the first time. So this is a quick recap for you all:


Dylan was born 18th sept 2008 and at 7 months old was diagnosed with Septo Optic Dysplasia, He is blind.

The Doctors here told us nothing could be done, and we would have to get on with it. As a parent this isn't good enough and along with other family members we started researching his condition and found a possible treatment... Stem cell therapy... China!

So by the middle of may 09, we started fundraising the massive £40,000 needed for this treatment, it seemed like an impossible task but after alot of hard work and support by all of you, we had done it... Sept 09 we flew to China and Dylan had 8 Stem cell Injections.

Dylan now has light perception...  This means he can see moving lights, bright sun light... his pupils react to light.

What a result, Dylan is no longer in a dark world... he has light in his life. The Doctors from china have recently spoken with us and have advised we go back for more treatment... at a reduced price of £20,000, as its his second treatment. Once a child has light perception the stem cells are even more effective and have resulted in other children with the same condition being fitted for glasses!!!

This is too much of an opportunity for Dylan to miss... So we ask you all again for your continued help and support, without all of you this will not be possible.

Please feel free to email me with any fundraising ideas,


Can you help?

We are desperate for any fundraising ideas, help and support. so please get in touch. 

Donations can be made by clicking on the Donate tab at the top of the page, or by cheques made payable to;


HSBC  Bank

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