Hi Everyone, so quick update for you all, Im doing really well, I go to nursery to mornings a week now and have a 1 to 1 assistant to help me learn my way around and introduce me to other children. Im a proper little chatterbox now. Also fundraising is doing so well that mummy has just booked my next treatment in China!! We are going to arrive in China 1st May 2011, BUT we are STILL £5000 short. So we really need your help to get the money in in time!!

We have arranged 2 bag packing events, see my fundraising page, and are hoping to do another cake sale and a benefit night to help get the money raised!!! So look out for updates on these!!!

Thanks to everyone for your continued support, without you generous and supportive people none of this would be possible for me and I wouldnt even be able to dream of the results i hope to get this MAY!!!

Keep praying and dreaming for me, I HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL SOON xxx Dylan xxx