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Fundraising Thank you's  2010/2011

SO another oportunity to thank those who are helping us on our journey;

Firstly i want to thank all of you, for continued support and your donations, without this nothing is possible,

now i must take the time to thank,

ALL the ladies and gents at Christ Church, Netherley, You have all been so wonderful and we couldn't have come this far without your loving support, friendship and encouragement. All of you have done so much for us to ensure Dylan gets his 2nd chance and we really cant thank any of you enough, With a special thanks to Marge, Doreen and Edna.

All the ladies at Liverpool womans hospital once again for your support and continued participation in various sponsored events and your help baking for the cake sale!! All of you are truly remarkable ladies and I cant thank you enough!!

Family members and close friends for your support and participation in sponsored events, you are all so caring and thoughful, i will love you all forever, thank you for your support and belief in me.

Charleyne and Mandy Denoon, I thank you both for your hard work and support, and for teaching us all how to 'shake it, move it' at the Zumbathon you held for me in Halewood, I cant thank you both enough.

Jimmy and your lovely wife for you organisation skills and time and effort you put in to ensure a successful night at Woolton villiage hall, You are a wonderful couple, Thank you so much, very much appreciated.

Claire Deveraux, You have never even met me and you have showed tremendous support, advice, compasion, I want to thank you for all your hard work and time and effort you have put in to your fundraising and look forward to meeting you soon, Thank you.

Steph borys, Emma smith, Trudy gilruth and  Donna Hide For your help and support for doing a sponsored night at bodmin jail, the money you all raised was so appreciated, and to think none of you had even met Dylan until the night in question!!! You are all really brave and exceptional women, Thank you very much for your continued help and support.

The staff and customers at B & M Belle Vale shopping centre, you have all been truly amazing, so supportive and helpful we really couldnt have done this without you all.

The staff and customers at ASDA hunts cross, You were very welcoming and supportive so thank you to all of you.




 Stem Cell treatment fundraising 2009;

Im off to China september 1st 2009 with Mummy and Daddy,I'll be in Qingdao until Mid October for my treatment... follow my progress ....

 I must appolagise for not updating you all sooner but have been so tired and re ajusting to life back at home, it has just been really hectic couple of weeks as im sure you can imagine. As you all probably know from reading my china blog i arrived home from China on october 13th and i now have light perception! Im more confident and the doctors in China are very optimistic that my sight will improve over the next 9 months. I just want to thank everyone for your support and help in making all this possible, im no longer in the dark and its all thanks to you.

I would like to thank mummy and daddy, all my family in both Liverpool and Cornwall and friends who are doing all they can to raise money for me.

The ladies at the womens hospital for their help and support.

The people at thingwall road allotments for their support. 

The staff at B & M shop in Belle Vale shopping centre for allowing us to bag pack.

The staff and customers in the falcon pub, Netherley for their donations.

The Netherley Chip shop staff and customers for donations and raffles.

Manager and staff at COPYSHOP PRINTERS, Smithdown Road Liverpool, for the great job they done on printing all the T Shirts with such short notice.

The members on the rawk website for their generous donations.

Jean Armstrong, who done the Wirral Walk with dog Daisy 18 miles thank you

The Queen Ann Railway Pub, St columb road, Indian Queens, Cornwall for doing a collection.

The Lions Club of bodmin for a generous donation.

The ASDA hunts cross for continued support, allowing us to pack bags, so thank you to the staff and the customers.

Harry Trow, for the appeal mobil, round britain tour, leeds to liverpool the long way raising awareness of our cause.

Northway Primary and Nursery School Wavertree for your fundraising week and for your support, Thankyou x

Gareth Ste and Andy for Organising a Golf tournament and a Benefit night in aid of Sight for Dylan.

Nikki Brown and all at QVC merseyside for Donating a Gift Basket

Belle Vale Football League for a very kind Donation

Joanne Knott for donating an ironing voucher

Thanks to the Kind community in Netherley For the Fashion  Show in aid of Dylan

Liverpool City Council for allowing us a Street Collection

Sharon For the fundraising day in Barcarlys Bank

Belle Vale Police for their Support and Help Fundraising

Iceland Belle vale for allowing us to bag pack

FITNESS FIRST in Aintree, for there generous gift for us to auction, 2 x 1 month free gym passes, and 2 x gym bags

Sainsbury's rice lane Liverpool, for allowing us to bag pack




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