Hi Everyone, thankyou for all your continued support, Just a Quick update, We are Again Fundraising to take Dylan back to China in 2011 for more stem cell therapy. As you are all aware Dylan has been brought out of the Dark and now has Light perception, However we have been informed that once a child has light percepti...on the treatment is more successful. We would be grateful for any suggestions for fundraising, and again your help and support is very much appreciated.



We need your help to raise 40,000 GBP so I can have stem cell treatment in china, without which i will never be able to see, this is an impossible task alone but with the help and support of the generous public i may be given the opportunity of a better life, a life where i can see.  

"One person with a cause can conquer an army. An army with a cause can conquer the world."



My name is Dylan Philip Manifold, I was born on 18th September 2008, at Liverpool Women's Hospital. I was born a perfectly healthy baby boy, My mummy and daddy couldn't have been more proud, then not long after I was born they noticed that I had a turn in my eye. So off we went to the doctors, and I was refered to see the local Opthalmologist and then he gave my mummy and daddy some bad news. I had to go off to Alder Hey hospital to see their Opthalmologist and then lots of tests followed. My mummy and daddy were given the devastating news that I have Optic nerve Hypoplasia (I am blind). Their world has been shattered, no help, support or research in this country, am I to be left in this dark world?


I went to Alder Hey Hospital for my test, they done a electro-diagnostic test, they stuck wires on my head an made me put my head in a box while they flashed lots of lights around and recorded my responses on a computer. Then I had an MRI scan, which confirmed that I had Optic Nerve Hypoplasia but also picked up on another problem. My pituitary gland appears to be damaged and I had an absent septum pellucidum. With this information I now have to undergo more tests as this information could mean I have Septo Optic Displasia. (SOD) So I had an appointment with an Endrocronologist, and I am waiting for an appointment to go back to Alder Hey for my hormone levels to be tested.



Mum and Dad read in the newspaper about a little girl that had SOD and had gone to China for stem cell treatment, this is our only hope of a chance of a better quality of life. The treatment costs around £40,000 to send mummy, daddy and me to china for my treatment.



My Great nan ronni contacted the doctors in china and they have replied saying we are welcome to go as soon as mummy and daddy have raised the money. I will be staying for 40 days and having 8 stem cell injections.



The Doctors in china contacted mummy, and HangZhou hospital is closed now for refurbishment so we have been moved to Quingdao for my treatment. This is good news as it is the same hospital we had read about. I will still be in china for 40 days and am still able to have the full 8 injections of stem cells. The hospital has lovely big double rooms for us to stay in and the staff speak very good english. Quingdao is a Main city on china's Coast and is surrounded by water on three sides. So hopefully i'll b able to go exploring and paddle in the ocean, as the sea water is very warm in china. 



So many people want to help, raffles, fun run, charity events, donations and lots more. Have a look at my fundraising page to see what we are doing at the moment, and what has already taken place.



If you feel you can help us, we are open to your fundraising suggestions.

You can also make a donation:

You can use the pay pal donate button on my website, Click the donate tab at the top of the page, or

Send Cheques payable to; Sight For Dylan


Sight For Dylan 

HSBC  Bank

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 If you require more details let me know,

mobile: 07547941438

 or you can email:  

 mummy at donna_and_babyd@hotmail.com



                    THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT.


We have made a DVD entitled Dylans Story, unfortunately the file is too large to upload but feel free to email me with your email address and i will email you a copy of it, Many thanks to everyone for your continued support and for bringing our little man out of the dark.

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